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Dec 06, 2010

enable/disable nodes on multiple F5 devices via single UI

Hi All,



I have a requirement to manage nodes on multiple F5 devices which are configured as an active-active infrastructure with active/passive redundency in each site. so essentially there are 4 F5 devices that are configured exactly the same (VIPS, pools, nodes, users). My team only has operator access without the Sync functionality, so you can see how hard it is to enable/disable nodes in this environment. we have to login to all devices and manually perform this operation.



I am using the following application and I would like to customise it so that it can enumerate a list of nodes from one of the F5 devices, and then carry out the enable/disable command on all load balancers in the stacks.



I have gone as far as reading the nodes in the tree view as well as add the option of "Force Offline" as Joes very usefull instructions, however having trouble with performing this process on multiple F5s.



As the username/passwork are the same on all the devices, user should be able to supply their credentials once, provide a comma seperate list of host ip addresses, and the tool should manage the rest.



I would really appreciate any advice on this as I am unable to find any information on this on the net.



Thanks heaps




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