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Jun 15, 2021

Enable aWAF license on vCMP Guest

Hello forum!


Yesterday I tried uploading the swagger json to a API security policy on a vCMP guest but I was not able to find the upload button.. After some investigation I noticed that the Advanced Web Application Firewall for I5XXX series is in optional modules..


I am unable to add this feature on the vCMP host since it would turn it into an appliance mode and I will lose all the guest config..


Do you have any experience with this or I should submit an SR?


EDIT: The same issue is with the BIG-IP DNS License - listed in Optional Modules, not in the Active Modules section.


Regards, Nayden

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  • Hi Nayden,


    you didn't mention what BIG-IP version you are running, but I asume it's 14.1 or higher and your BIG-IP is under a valid support contract.

    In case you started with ASM and you are aiming for the upgrade to AdvWAF, you might find this devcentral article useful: From ASM to Advanced WAF: Advancing your Application Security

    The license reactivation should happen at the level of the host.

    Be aware of K59429712: Impacts of adding/reactivating license to vCMP host




  • Hello Daniel,


    Thank you for your response! We are running on both host and guests.


    For the AdvWAF part - you are right! As the licenses have been activated before the April 1st we had to reactivate the license in order to receive the AdvWAF functionality.


    As for the BIG-IP DNS - I am not quite sure if the GSLB functionality is included in the LTM to Best bundle that we have on our boxes..




    • Yes, it is! BIG-IP DNS is part of the Better and of the Best Bundle.

      You should see it with the module name "Global Traffic (DNS)" with License Status "Licensed" in the Resourve Provisiong screen on the vCMP Host.