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Jun 12, 2023

Email address domain change using irule

Can any one provide inputs that how to write an iRule for the email domain change. No changes required on the sender name.


Sender email address:

To be changed:

Can this be supported using an iRule.

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  • user_1701 Is this for emails originating from the F5 or originating from some other device which has traffic traverse the F5 as its gateway to the internet?

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      Paulius - Its is orginating from some other device. F5 VIP is used for them to load balance the traffic between mail servers.

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        user_1701 I am in agreenment with whisperer that the F5 should not be used for this purpose. This overcomplicates the configuration and when troubleshooting occurs in the future this will most likely be overlooked and cause even further delays when something needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Just because the F5 can do it doesn't mean it should do it. So the source device isn't something that you control or that it is even a mail server? You really need to speak with the end user that wants this adjustment and have them explain why the source device cannot be corrected to show the correct souce email.