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Nov 16, 2010

Dynamic Ratio traffic distribution

I have 2 pool members load balanced via Dynamic Ratio, based on SNMP DCA Base monitoring on the 2 nodes.



I would like to understand how does the Ratio translate to traffic distribution between the 2 nodes.




For example:


Node 1 ratio : 8


Node 2 ratio : 10




How does this translate to actual IP packet distribution?


Does it mean Packet 1 will go to Node 1, Packet 2 will go to Node 2, and RR until it reaches Packet 8?




Does the behaviour changes when SrcIP persistence is applied?


Assuming that clients are all using different IP, does it mean 1st user will reach Node 1, 2nd user will reach Node 2, until it reaches 8th User?






Further to this, in the SNMP DCA base monitor, how does the coefficient come into play together with the threshold?


I've seen the calculation matrix for the dynamic ratio, but i do not understand how does coefficient comes into play here. What is the significance of this coefficient?




Thanks all.





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  • LTM load balances tcp connections, not packets.



    LTM Essentials covers all this very well and is free via F5's Web-Based Training


  • okay, TCP connections is fine. How does the load balancing works for the connections then?


    1st TCP Conn will go to Node1, the 2nd will go to Node 2 ?
  • Distribution will be:




















    and then repeat.