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Mar 04, 2022

Domain Based Filtering


is it possible to use F5,  to allow incoming URL’s based on a wildcard? Like *  ?  That means as long as traffic come from , F5 will allow that traffic coming to a VIP. I have AFM license at F5.

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  • Hi Subrun ,
    Do you mean to allow traffic coming for specific wildcard domains and rest should be dropped on the F5 VIP? If yes, then its possible using simple iRule also.

  • Hello,

    It's also feasible using LTM policies if you don't want an irule.

    Simply by creating a match with the following conditions:

    HTTP Host host ends with




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      Should I say * or  ? in the LTM Policy.

      Also from the LTM Policy should that be "Forward Traffic " to Virtual Server Name ?


      • Hi Subrun 

        The way you are trying to write policy will forward traffic to the specified vServer/pool when request is coming for * So with such policy, vServer will forward traffic for rest domain requests to default pool if you have it on your vServer. This strategy will be more useful when you want to forward traffic for specific domain to the desired pool/vServer


        for forward traffc to abc-pool

        for forward traffc to xyz-pool

        Looking at your use case, I would recommend you to write policy to deny ttraffic which is not coming for desired domain e.g. * This will be more easy to maintain.

        And whenever you want to add few more domain into allow list, you can add it in the rule. Ref policy is attached.

        Now when traffic will come for the desired domain, vServer will forward it to desired pool based on either default pool or iRule etc, depending upon how are you managing it.

        Hope it helps!