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Apr 12, 2021

Does DNS Express support multiple view?

Let me elaborate my case:


F5 DNS-1 using BIND configuration- zone runner with multiple view, allow transfer to other F5 DNS-2

On another F5 DNS-2 using DNS express, F5 DNS-1 as nameserver.


But, when we query DNS express using listener on F5 DNS-2, it return only default/External view records.


So, is there any way we can utilize views created on F5 DNS-1 with DNS express? And get different response from as per views.

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  • From an article from 11.5.x an old version it is written "Note: If you prefer, you can configure the also-notify statement on a per-zone or per view basis.". So the views should also be tansfered to the DNS express but you may not configured them correctly and you may have just configured the default/External view correctly.




    You may use "dnsxdump" to see what information is transfered in the DNS experess:


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      Yes but I can only give you suggestions but you need to check if the DNS view is allowing the transfer on the F5 with the zonerunner and on the F5 with with dns express you need to use dnsxdump to see what is transfered. For issues with DNS tansfers check /var/log/ltm as F5 saves such logs to this file not the /var/log/gtm (maybe in newer versions this could be different but I can't tell).





      I see that other people are having similar issues and you may check this discussion as maybe you may test just transfering a specific view to DNS express and maybe creating multiple dns zones for the views as there could be an issue with multiple views under the same DNS express zone.