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May 25, 2021

Do Topology records execute and direct traffic regardless of GSLB pools assigned under a Wide IP?

Hello F5ers,

My question is around Big-IP DNS and how topology records would work in case multiple records match the traffic.

My understanding is Big-IP DNS would not direct client requests to non assigned pools under the WIP regardless of topology record match. I would really appreciate if someone can confirm my understanding or if i'm missing something.


Lets get to it,

I have below setup,



WIP-A assigned with GSLB-Pool-A1 and GSLB-Pool-A2

WIP-B assigned with GSLB-Pool-B1 and GSLB-Pool-B2


Current Topology records:


-        If State is Idaho, Pool is GSLB-Pool-A1

-        If State is not Idaho, Pool is GSLB-Pool-A2

-        If IP subnet is, Pool is GSLB-Pool-B1

-        If IP subnet is not, Pool is GSLB-Pool-B2



If a request comes to WIP-A from a user who is in Idaho (State is Idaho) but on their home network (is not, the topology records would only load balance to pools assigned under the WIP-A right? The request would never hit a pool which is not assigned to the WIP right (in this case GSLB-Pool-B2)?


Any help is appreciated! Thanks


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