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Sep 21, 2021

DNS/iQuery Question - Design Consideration

Hello devs!   All the manuals and K articles I came across regarding iQuery/DNS only states that you must have a full-mesh between all the DNS/LTMs for the iQuery to properly work. I get that. ...
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    Sep 30, 2021

    UPDATE to my incorrect original response:


    big3d listens on port 4353 on all self IPs and the management IP, and from an internal doc that was pointed out to me by a fellow F5er:


    "The gtmd on each GTM will attempt to establish an iQuery connection with all the servers listed in the /config/bigip_gtm.conf file that are of type BIG-IP. Furthermore, it will do this on all of the self IP addresses that are listed for each server. Those IP addresses will be the ones that the user has assigned."


    That said, it's my preference to use single IPs, and that's seconded by my peer as well. If you don't manage all aspects well, you might end up with a situation where a route fails and so service is impaired, but monitors through private paths because of additional connectivity might make it appear to be just fine. As long as you manage that, you're fine, but more IPs, more paths == more complexity.