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Feb 19, 2016

DNS automation when deploying a VIP?



First of all, this community is awesome... :)


Anyway, I was asked the other day if its possible to have an DNS-automation when creating a VIP? I've been searching for this, but i cannot find the info I need, either that or i need to up my searching-skills.


In this scenario they have a windows DNS (ughn..)




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  • Can you clarify more what you mean by DNS-automation please. You can configure servers via DNS and the platform will resolve that periodically and add/remove backend servers. This is available in v12 I think.
  • Absolutely. What i want is a dns a-record to be created once i create the vip. I've never seen this feature myself, i suspect this is only able when you for example use the API and script the creation-process.
  • I see - the answer is no this is not a feature because the DNS is normally dealt with elsewhere in a large number of possible places but it's pretty simple with iControl REST. If you want to add a GTM record then you would use the relevant GTM url and add a wide-IP, and add the LTM virtual server as well. I won't bore you with how to do iControl REST but take a quick look on here and you'll be able to put it together yourself.


  • you could use GTM for autodiscovery new LTM virtual servers. But how should the system know which A record you want to assign to the VS IP address.


  • There might be some automation with Infoblox. They do a lot of integration with AD DNS and some (have not idea the extent, may only be GTM) with F5.
  • I'll look into the Infoblox integration. That actually may be the answer right there. Thanks! (awesome profile picture btw!)
  • @Rikard- Please correct me here, but as per my knowledge we create DNS entry for particular request and then configure the VIP configuration for it. So DNS task completed (the VIP IP will be assigned to the url provided by customer/user) -> the VIP will be created.


  • I am currently looking into this now. We have an almost fully integrated Infoblox setup here and is something I want to automate. What I would like to do is create a web app, where my network team can log into a web app and enter what is needed. Then do the following: Grab IP address from Infoblox and apply DNS. Send that information into the LTM and build out the config. Send an email to our group (like a workflow) and once the config is verified, it publishes.