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May 05, 2011

Distributing the traffic base on the port

Hi All



I am facing some difficulty about generating IRule to distribute the traffic to different destination hosts but I can not make it work and really hope you could help me.




My scenario is




I have one server on Vlan98 and its IP is


There are some other two servers on different vlan 96. Let's say &




Now I want to make all these servers can communicate with each other. So I have created a virtual server and sign a pool which has two nodes 96.2 and 96.3 in it to this VS.




What I want to achieve is ssh from 98.3 to other two servers on different Vlan with different port number. My Irule is below:






switch [TCP::server_port] {


"2222" { pool TempPool member 22 }


"3333" { pool TempPool member 22 }









But this irule does not work. So could you please give me a hand?




Thank you and looking forward to see your reply.


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  • Try changing TCP::server_port to TCP::local_port. In the CLIENT_ACCEPTED event, no serverside connection has been established yet, so TCP::server_port isn't a valid command in this context. If you want to check the client's destination port, it's LTM's local port. See the wiki page for a bit more info:





    You could also use forwarding virtual servers to do this without destination address or port translation:



    BEST PRACTICE: SOL7229 - Methods of gaining administrative access to nodes through the BIG-IP system




  • Hi Aaron



    Thank you very much for your quick reply. I have tried the local_port but it does not work either. Now I am looking into another option. Could you please let me know is there any thing I can use to make it work if I want to use "port"?




    Thank you again and looking forward to see your reply.






  • What happens when it doesn't work? Do you get an error when trying to save the iRule? Or when you attempt a connection? Can you check /var/log/ltm for any runtime TCL errors? If you don't see any errors, can you post an anonymized copy of the 'b virtual VS_NAME list' output?



    Thanks, Aaron