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  • In F5 unix shell you can print hostname name by typing command


    Python SDK

        >>> settings = bigip.sys.global_settings.load()
        >>> print settings.hostname


    Alternatively you can refer this

        set hostname [tmsh::get_config /sys global-settings hostname]
        puts [tmsh::get_field_value [lindex $hostname 0] hostname]
  • tmsh

    tmsh list sys global-settings hostname

    iControl REST

    curl -sku admin: https:///mgmt/tm/sys/global-settings?\$select=hostname 
  • I wasn't able to get the code from f5_rock to work (it's most likely my fault) but I did get the hostname with the code below. It's a little verbose because I had to run the tmsh command to show the settings and then I used .lstrip and .strip to clean the data up. Happy coding!


    from f5.bigip import ManagementRoot
    mgmt = ManagementRoot("your_f5_ip_address", 'username', 'password')
    x ='run', utilCmdArgs='-c "tmsh list sys global-settings hostname | grep "hostname""')
    hostname = str(x.commandResult)
    hostname = hostname.strip().lstrip('hostname').strip()
  • - from TMSH:

       tmsh list sys global-settings hostname

    - from Linux shell (run util bash):

           echo $HOSTNAME