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Jul 11, 2012

Disabling pool member using iRule




I would like to know whether there is a way to disable pool member using iRule.



The reason why I am looking for this is I need it to accomplish customer's requirement.



As far as I know, once connection limit reachs threshold then status of pool member will be changed unavailable and for the pool member, no new connection will be allowed.



Customer's requirement is pretty simply. He would like to allow all user who made a connection through BIG-IP or BIG-IP has persistent table even if connection limit is reached on pool member. I know that if customer disable pool member manually then customer's requirement can be met.



Actually, I have provided shell script to accomplish this requirement and it's working fine.


But it's kind of linux shell script based on bash.



The script chechks concurrent connection on each pool member and if configured threshold reached then disable pool member using bigpipe command.



I think if we can provide this feature with iRule it would be great.




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  • I would like to know whether there is a way to disable pool member using iRule.i do not see any irule so far. as i tested, LB::down also removes persistence record.
  • Hello,


    is it possible to share Your script with this that executes bigpipe command?


  • Hi, Do you want to receive connections even to the limit reached on a member with persistence? What kind of persistence you use? If you enable the "Override Connection Limit" in the persistence profile might work for you. []