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Jul 10, 2012

Directing from External VIP to Internal VIP

We have a request as below.



Any request comes to VIP: (which is configured on External F5) from IP: on port 443 need to be directed/routed to VIP: is configured on Internal F5) on port 7777.



Could you pls let me know if this is possible?



If so, could you pls let me how we can achieve it. If there is any iRule involved pls let me know how we can do it?



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  • Let me give detailed example...



    1) Client want to access the URL: (Which is configured on External F5 LTM as a Forwarding VS VIP: "VIP1", i.e note that there is SNAT Pool configured on this VIP)


    Client IP address is:



    2) When client want to access the above URL it will hit the above Forwarding VS VIP: "VIP1", i.e 443) and the request need to be redirected to another VIP: "VIP2", i.e 7777) which is configured on Internal LTM.



    NOTE: External LTM and Internal LTM are two different LTMs
  • can you configure vip1 as standard or performance l4 virtual server and set as its pool?
  • We already have VIP1 configured as a Forwarding VS on port 443 and we can not modify it
  • can you list vip1 configuration?



    b virtual (vip1 name) list