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Aug 22, 2011

Direct traffic to specific pool member

I have a situation where I have a pool with three members. I need a way to open three tabs in a web browser and access each of the three members each in a different browser tab. Is there a way to write an irule that will allow me to somehow specify the pool member in the uri and then keep a persistent connection to that node? Since the source IP address would be the same on all three browser tabs, I can't create an irule based on source address. It would have to be some other method but I don't know what it would be.




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  • Hi Runner,


    There is a code share that Hoolio posted up that might just do the trick





    Keep in mind that this is something you might want to keep out from the public. From a security perspective you do not want someone to discover that they can specifically pick up the backend system via URI



    I hope this helps






  • Hi Runner,



    Here is an example iRule you could try:





  • I'd try testing this iRule on a test virtual server before putting it on a production virtual server. And As Bhattman suggested, you might want to limit by client IP/network, who can select their pool member directly.