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May 08, 2012

Different port on VS and Pool

Hello All,



Probably a quick answer, is it possible to have an F5 VS listen on port 443 and have it make the back-end connection to the pool member on 8443?



Is this feature called something?



Thanks all,





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  • Hi Jim,



    By default, TMM will perform destination address and port translation when load balancing to a pool. This is enabled by default and configurable using the address and port translation settings on the virtual server properties.



  • Hi Jim,


    If you are going to create a standard VS on F5 LTM it does both adress translation as well as port translation when creating a VS you can choose the advanced inplace of basic and down in the configuration it will show you to enable or disable the address and port translation.



  • Thanks all, I see that when you create the VS there is a checkbox at the bottom to allow port and/or address translation! Very cool.