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Mar 10, 2011

Device Discovery Hanging

Hi All,



We are currently running MP version 2.1.3 (yes we are planning to upgrade)



has anyone run into the issue when trying to discover an F5 device the GUI just hangs at


"Attempt to Connect to the iControl device Socket" "Success".



I looked in Ops Console and see the F5 Tasks queued and then approved however it still hangs.


any help would be greatly appreciated.











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    Hi Matt,



    There are a few reasons why your F5 device discovery could hang at this point, and I'll try to enumerate them in a sensible troubleshooting order. Resolving any of these may still not guarantee a successful discovery, but it's good to have them in mind when troubleshooting discovery.



    - Communication with iQuery port 4353 on the F5 Device is blocked by firewall. Make sure you enable bidirectional communication with TCP port 4353 on the F5 device.


    - Among the first things the discovery process does after the iQuery communication with the F5 device is established, is to upgrade the big3d agent (on the F5 device). Make sure the credentials provided for discovering the F5 device have enough permissions to perform this.


    - The platform version for the F5 device needs to be higher than 9.3.



    Also, you can check the "Troubleshooting Discovery" article on our F5 Management Pack DevCentral wiki on this topic:




    The "F5 Device User Role Security: Discovery, iControl and iQuery" article would also give you a more detailed view inside the discovery process and the security role(s) involved:




    Let us know if any of these suggestions will help you resolve your issue, or we can troubleshoot further.



    Thank you!




    (F5 Management Pack)