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Jan 10, 2011

Design Stage




I'm currently starting to develop a solution that will allow two data centres to provide one web service to multiple clients using the Big-IP GTM to provide improved redundancy.




The design has become a little complicated by the fact that I must provide one leased line into each data centre, as well as redundant internet connections to each site, that connects the data centres directly to one client for improved connectivity speeds.




The client's traffic for DNS requests and the web service will be routed down the leased line and will return back up the leased line. The Gig-IP GTM must provide requests from all other clients over the redundant internet connection and this one client via the leased line.




Is this achievable with just the Big-IP GTM?




Can I monitor the leased lines and if they fail and the connection drops ensure all traffic for the one client is directed to the site with the working leased line?




I'm only after a rough idea so I can target my research.










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