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Jan 07, 2022

Deploy APM per-request policy and Application Traffic Insight(former Device ID+)

Hi F5 Community,

I tried to deploy Application Traffic Insight to APM Zero Trust environment using the JavaScript Tag. But I couldn't find "" file in per-request policy customization screen on GUI.


Is there any JavaScript Tag insert method in per-request policy?

<Test environment>

-BIG-IP : v16.1.1

-Module : only APM

-Application Traffic Insight deployment method: JavaScript Tag

-Zero Trust config name: IAP-single-proxy

<Test procedure>

1. Deploy a Zero Trust configuration using Guided Configuration


2.modify "" page in per-request policy to add JavaScript Tag



But, I couldn't find "" page in per-request policices customization menu and APM local directory.

# find / -name ''
--- snip ---

I found out "" in "per-SESSION policy" and I could insert a JavaScript Tag and get a correct test result.



Kenji Omori

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