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Feb 10, 2021

Delete a traffic-group



I've a F5 infrastrucute with some devices in the same device group, that are divided 3 traffic-groups. I deleted all LTM configuration of the partition asigned to this traffic-group and shutdown one of the F5.


Now, I've to delete the related traffic-group, and remove this device from the device-group. There are a correct way to do this whitout affect the production platform?



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  • You can refer this article from f5 for removing the device form the device group.


  • Thanks a lot, for your quickly answer Aayush, but muy question is about the previous step, delete the traffic-group, as I indicated in the added images.

    I supose that this step, is less aggresive than make modifications in the device-group and sync policies.

    I read the link that you tell me, before write the post. Because I didn't found information about the procedures or impact when modify or remove the traffic-groups. That's my question.

    Thanks again.