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Nov 08, 2022

DB sync can not keep with load balancer


I have an issue, I currently have a Virtual server which members are two sites that I want to balance petitions between.

The balancing method I use is "least connections" the issue comes when the balancing method is to fast balancing and the DB can not keep up with it so I have discrepancies in the DB.

I am thinking in configuring the priority group option and put the site B as "fallback" but I believe that this will not work unless site A becomes unhabiable/down and will not add the node of site B if it site A gets crowded with petitions.

You guys have any light on how can I fix my issue?. 

Thanks in advance

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  • Hi Rodp , 
          please clarify , do you use " Fastest Mode " as load banlance method , or you still use " Least Connections " Methods. 

    - Also , what do you mean by loadbalancing two sites , do you mean the Two DB servers or what.