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Jun 30, 2011

Date cannot be set




I cannot set the date of Virtual F5, I set the date via date xxxx command and it seems to be set at first sight but then after a couple of seconds it comes back to wrong past date like this:



What can be the reason of it? I am looking forward your help.



[root@f5Virtual:Active] config date


Thu Jun 30 11:22:08 EEST 2011


[root@f5Virtual:Active] config


[root@f5Virtual:Active] config


[root@f5Virtual:Active] config date


Tue Oct 27 05:07:30 EET 2009


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  • On the VE trial edition, there is a script that runs once per minute as called via cron. You'll see it as "/usr/bin/clock_adjust"



    This call will update the system time of the VE Trial to reflect the time of the hypervisor that it's running upon.



    So, to correctly set the date, adjust your hypervisors time. I suggest configuring NTP on your hypervisor.