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Apr 25, 2012

Data Transfer Limit in LTM




I have F5-LTM installed in our network. I just wanted to confirm is there are any kind of data transfer limit config in LTM.


We have some servers placed behind our load balancer. when users are trying to fetch the data from those servers through the VIP for those servers, they can fetch only up to 32MB of data. If the file size exceeds users got tcp error. But when they try to fetch the files directly they can fetch the files for more then 100MB. For direct access they just logon to citrix nd on citrix there is a web browser application placed. From that application they can fetch the data.




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  • Hi Ganesh,



    There isn't a data transfer limit. What kind of virtual server are you passing the traffic through? Is it possible that the failed downloads are timing out and being reset? What's the idle timeout on your TCP or fastL4 profile?