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Nov 18, 2023

Custom bash script at startup doesn't work (BIG-IP VM 17.1.1)

I need to run a custom script at the startup of my BIG-IP VM (version: 17.1.1 Build 0.0.6 Final). In order to reach my goal, I followed this articole by F5 but unfortunately it didn't work:

the file didn't exist so I creted it by my self in /config/, edited, saved and made it executable. if I run it via CLI it works, but the system doesn't run it at the startup (I tried to reboot many times). where am I going wrong?

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  • The way that article is organized may lead to some confusion, because there are two initial procedures at the top that gives instruction to create a script and set it executable, but in two slightly different ways depending on version. Then below the "old version" procedure there is another one for "Enable the BIG-IP or BIG-IQ system to run the script". If you missed the last part, it would lead to the behavior you described.