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May 18, 2012

CRLDP LDAP no Hostname

Our internal CA is AD based, with CDP configured with http URI and ldap URI. When trying to use CRLDP it errors out because the ldap URI entry in the certificate has no hostname (under Windows if there is no hostname it assumes AD).



Rather than rejigging the PKI infrastructure is there some way to intercept this with iRules and insert a hostname? OCSP is another possibility but would require deployment of some more servers.


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  • Hi Mark,



    Did you manage to find a solution?


  • Hi Mark,



    I think you can add an extra ldap URI with hostname without rejigging your KPI infrastructure. ldap://hostname/...



    My windows admin changed it for me, the only problem I have is that during the client SSL authentication phase the LTM/APM tell's me that the client certificate is self signed by my internal Root CA.



    How did you overcome this in your setup?






  • Hi Kees,



    I haven't made any progress on this.