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Nov 15, 2010

Creating Virtual with TMSH

I am simply trying to create a new virtual using TMSH, and am finding it impossible to figure out the syntax. To make this simple, can someone help me figure out how to create a virtual while applying a non-default tcp profile? I realize this should be easy, but I have found it to be anything but. I have tried all sorts of permutations of the following command:

tmsh create ltm virtual junk_virtual { destination "" ip-protocol "6" pool "junk_pool" profiles add { "tcp" {context clientside} tcp-cell-optimized } }

this command results in:

Virtual server rename_test_orig lists duplicate profiles.

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  • Hi SMP,



    I was going to suggest reading up in the tmsh reference guide. But it looks like there are some issues with the examples in the 10.2.0 guide. Here's the example they give:



    create virtual myV2 {destination persist add {source_address} pool myPool}



    But this didn't work for me:



    tmsh create ltm virtual myV2 {destination persist add {source_address} pool myPool}


    Syntax Error: "persist" unexpected argument "add" one of the following must be specified:


    none, replace-all-with



    This worked though:



    tmsh create ltm virtual my_vs {destination persist replace-all-with {source_addr} pool ubuntu_http_pool}



    and here's the result:



    virtual my_vs {


    pool ubuntu_http_pool




    persist source_addr