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Jun 20, 2003

Creating proxy on unit 2 and saved config question

I'm at home and don't have access to all my stuff, so this is from


the top of my head, forgive me if it's a little hazy.



I was trying to create a proxy with ITCMLocalLB.Proxy.create. When I


was doing that on unit 2, I got an error indicating the unit was invalid.


(I don't have the actual message here). Of course that makes no sense,


since I don't actually specify a unit. Is this a bug?



I then went and used ITCMLocalLB.Proxy.create_ex, and after some


experimentation got it to work identically (specifying the correct unit off


course). After I did that, I noticed that the specification of all port numbers


in the /config/bigip.conf changed from numeric to the text equivalent, e.g.


(in a pool) from 'member' to 'member'. As far as I


know, that's not a problem, but it seems strange. Any thoughts on that?

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    Unit 2 only exists when you are running an Active/Active configuration. It's used to specify which of the 2 active units a virtual server should live on if the unit has not failed over.



    The port numbers are looked up in /etc/services and translated when the configuration is saved. That's normal behaviour.