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Apr 29, 2011

Create SNAT - "All Addresses Origin" and "ALL VLANS" vlan list

When creating a SNAT pool through the GUI, you can select "ALL Addresses" in the Origin pulldown box and "ALL VLANS" in the VLAN Traffic pulldown box.

When using SOAP, the WSDL wants this structure:

    in LocalLB__SNAT__SNATDefinition [] snats,
    in LocalLB__SNAT__SNATOriginalAddress [] [] original_addresses,
    in Common__VLANFilterList [] vlans



where the VLAN Filter list for example wants this:




Member Type Description


state EnabledState An indicator of whether the VLAN list is a list of enabled or disabled VLANs.


vlans String[] The list of VLAN names in the filter.







Is it possible to make this SOAP call with an "ALL Addresses" and "ALL VLANs" shortcut if you will; or do I have to do the following to get this accomplished:?




1) make a soap call to get all original addresses




2) make a soap call to get all VLANS




3) use the results from step 1 and step 2 and pass that in the necessary structures for the "Create" function?




Although doing it this way won't be a problem, I obviously prefer to use the method with the least amount of SOAP calls.




Looking forward to any feedback.




Thanks everyone!






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