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Feb 18, 2011

create 40 pools with TMSH



I need to create some 40+ pools and I didn't want to do that via GUI (can't understand why?).


I have looked at the TMSH scripting area and have looked at the creat_pool script. exactly what you want right!


How do I get this onto my f5? I tried to get it in via starting the editor and pasting it in but when i do that it adds a lot of extra indenting so that the script ends upmoving off the page and wrapping around.


Can anyone assist here.


I don't understand if the shell can see the underlying filesystem.



Steep leaning curve for a one armed non programming administrator!







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  • Hi David,



    The trick is to set a few options in the editor:



    set noautoindent


    set nosmartindent



    Here are two related posts:






    Russell Moore



    The basics to get this script installed are:



    Type these:






    cli script



    edit SCRIPT_NAME



    :set noautoindent



    :set nosmartindent



    Copy & paste in the contents of the script



    Save and quit the editor



    After it successfully accepts the script you can call it from the regular “advanced cli” (in other words “bash”) as:


    tmsh run cli script min-member-pool.tcl






    Mark Crosland


    In an upcoming release you will be able to run a script from a file of your choice.




  • OK. Trap for young players who don't know better. Put : before set commands to set stuff if your like me and don't know anything about the vi editor



    Works fine after that!!!!



  • Sorry for missing that in the commands :). I updated my post above to make that clearer.