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Apr 11, 2011

CPU utilization 90%

Hello guys , just a quick note , i m suffering 90% high CPU utilization on our 8900 GTM which is quite alarming sign for our network , Interesting to figure out how we can control F5 CPU utilization , troublshooting steps , or suggestion to move on high series , As we are using several irules/scripts to control the flow of traffic. no additional software adds on rather than only general loadbalancing.



Any source material recomendation ?



case examples ??



/ insert


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    First question is what's using all that CPU? top will show you.



    GTM only? Or GTM & LTM?



    On your iRules, do you have timing enabled?



    What volume of traffic is hitting your 8900? bps and connections/sec.



  • GTM with LTM features also


    Irules are enabled with timing


    830 TPS were there at that while Spikes 90%



    Top output will let u know soon .


    It is not constant utlization on 90% , spikes come while on busy timing on our server. now after that settle down to normal 40%


    any suggestion ?
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    To eliminate the iRules, What do the timings say on them? (You can grab the timings from the iRule Editor, or from bigpipe).