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Apr 07, 2011

CPU Usage through iControl and SNMP





I have just finished writing a perl script which calculates the CPU usage (not TMM) by getting the metrics from an SNMP OID.



I have noticed that on _some_ of the BIG-IP appliances which have 2 CPU's (running 9.4.8), show the second CPU as _always_ 100%. Is there a way we can work around this issue?




*On the other boxes (running 10.0.2), it work like a charm.




Here are the two OID's i'm using.




my $sysCpuUsageRatio = '.';


my $cpuIndex = '.';





I was also trying to get the CPU usage through iControl, can someone show me how I can get this done?








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  • Tutorial is great, but i was thinking if there was something in PERL.



    Also, i'm _still_ trying to get the answer of why the 2nd CPU SNMP Metric is always at 100% on the boxes which run 9.4.8's?








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    Have a look at walkf5stats.



    It's perl... Gathers multi-cpu stats via SNMP and also stats via iControl. When it was written, multi-cpu wasn't available via iControl. So it was grafted on with SNMP. It could probably be changed now, but iControl is so much heavier than SNMP, so I've never bothered.