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Oct 18, 2018

CPU Statistics don't match- measured in Host vs vCMP guest

While logged into my Viprion host, I check CPU stats for vCMP guest "guest1", it typically says 40-50% utilized for 5 minute average. If I log into vCMP guest1 directly and check CPU stats, average utilization(last 3 hours) appears to be 10% or less unless I click "view detailed graph", then I see a separate line for each core, making it appear that maybe the total of all 4 lines might equal 40-50%? My guest is running on 1 blade/4 cores.


If recommended practice is to keep CPU utilization below 50%, am I in the "danger zone" or not? Based on the detailed guest view, each core is well below 50%, but there appears to be some discrepancy here.


viewed on HOST:


viewed on "guest1":


detail view on "guest1":


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