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Mar 24, 2023

IRest - ltm - get measures in an analytics report


I'm trying to get specific measures via iREST.  This is something that can be done easily via tmsh but i need iRest now.

This URL works: https://...hostname.../mgmt/tm/analytics/http/report?options=view-by,virtual - it gives me a single value for each virtual name "transactions".

This URL also works: https://...hostname.../mgmt/tm/analytics/http/report?options=view-by,virtual,limit,1 - it gives me a single value for the first virtual name "transactions".

In the documentation ( you can see that there is also property measures. I can also use this in my URL and it is recognised. I know this because the error is different when typing measures1 for instance.

I assume I just need to append it to the end of the URL like this: https://...hostname.../mgmt/tm/analytics/http/report?options=view-by,virtual,limit,1,measures,VALUE

Now the problem: I tried everything for VALUE and I always get an error of this kind:

{"code":400,"message":"\"average-tps\" unexpected argument","errorStack":[],"apiError":26214401}

I tried adding {}, all kinds of csv etc.

If anyone knows how to supply measures to this specific URL, that would be great 🙂






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