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Mar 01, 2011


I am wondering if anyone can help me do cosign on an application that is behind the F5. Before you say yes, I am trying to do this but the cosign server is outside the network that the F5 serves. So connections come in to the F5, get load balanced. Once they get load balanced to a server, that server starts the cosign process with a server which is outside the network (it's a University, lots of networks.) Problem is that when the connection comes back the F5 sees it as a new connection and load balances it again. So the authentication doesn't work. If you look at this webpage and draw a line between browser and service that is where the F5 lives.



Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks Joe




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  • You might simply have to modify a profile on your Virtual Server to allow this, but I have a quick question first. If the server is initiating the cosign process, why is the connection not going back to that same server? Can you help me understand the path from the server that starts the cosign process to the "server which is outside the network" as well as the reply path?
  • You'll want to start reading about Loose Initiation and Loose Close I imagine.





    I'm still trying to understand the diagram. :)