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Oct 13, 2010

Cookie Persistence and Source Address Affinity



We are currently facing problem with equal load distribution on F5 1500 LTM.


Virtual server is configured for Cookie based persistence and the fallback method is Source Address Affinity. We can see 4 times more connections going to a single node at a point in time. It seems like the cookie persistence is not functioning and hence falling back to source address affinity. Because when I goto 'Statistics->Local Traffic->Persistence Records' I can see hundreds of source address affinity records. Should the source address


affinity table get populated even if the cookie based persistence is working fine.


How can I ensure the cookie persistence is working correctly.





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    Hi f5_learner



    See and sol10430.



    The first post details what you're seeing the Stats page. You don't see cookie persistence records here as the info is in the cookie. The second post is in regards to uneven traffic distribution.



    Also from askf5 I also read the following:



    "Using Source Address Affinity as a fallback persistence method may also create the appearance that the BIG-IP system incorrectly distributes more requests to a particular server. The reason for this is that the default persistence profile and


    the fallback profile operate simultaneously. The BIG-IP system uses the fallback persistence method when it cannot use the


    specified default persistence profile. For example, when the client does not indicate a persistence record, the fallback


    persistence method is consulted before making a load balancing decision."



    Hope this helps.


  • Have a look here: