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Sep 19, 2023

Connection reset by peer via Standard Virtual Server


I got an api backend service behind an F5, the problem is if Virtual Server is Standard then client gets "Connection reset by peer", the problem is disapeared if i switch to Performance (HTTP).

However, Performance HTTP would not allow to config application security policy, so is there any solution for Standard type.

Thank you


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  • Hi TD-Bernie

    - Enable rest cause ( Log & Packet ) >>>

    - Check /var/log/ltm >> while applying http profile. 
    - Take a Pcap again >> and check all of reset packets. 
    Note ( Do that while applying http profile ) 
    - Also Create custom http profile >>> try to modify Maximum header size & header count. 
    Refer to those articles :

    >>> you can share the Pcap if you want to have a look. 



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      Hello Mohamed,

      I am not sure the root cause of this problem, but it seems to be network issue cause i checked at that night, the connection was okay again, it kept unstable until i tried to change ip address of virtual server (i could make sure there is no ip conflict).

      Thank you.

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