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Apr 10, 2012

connection limit on VS and redirect page

Hi All,


I'm trying to make a irule for connection limit on VS and redirect page.



in example.


when the connection limit is a 1000 on Virtaul Server . if the connection of 1001 on virtaul server is coming , that would redirect to redirction page.



do you have some ideas?


Many thanks in advance.






2 Replies

  • On the VS configuration there is a MAX connection limit,



    As you are using http, a http_profile could specify a fallback page URL. This is normally used for when the pool is unavailable, but I'm not sure if it would trigger in this case; try it and see.



    Failing this, with a bit of research the VS connection limit variable and current connections variable may be available to reference insid ethe iRule: (PSEUDO CODE BELOW, THIS IS NOT TCL)


    when HTTP_REQUEST {






    HTTP::redirect https://my.domain/too_many_connections_page.html







    or similar?


  • these might be useful.



    v10.1 - The table Command - Examples by Spark




    iRule::ology - Table Based Rate Limiting by Colin