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Jan 18, 2011

configuring trunking in ltm-ve




I would like to configure trunking in the ltm-ve to mimic the existing production setup



for some reason, whenever I create a trunk I dont see anything under availaible interfaces



I have the default setting of only two interfaces 1.1 and 1.2



I see the trunk being created but it is in uninitiazlied state



Can someone guide me in configuring trunking in ltm-ve







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  • Hi Chandru,



    I haven't passed traffic over a VE trunk. But I believe trunks should work in VE as they're not listed in the Release Note section on features that don't work:





    If you've already added the 1.1 and 1.2 interfaces to a VLAN, they won't be listed as available for a trunk. You can remove them from a VLAN. Once you add one or more interfaces to the trunk, the status should change from uninitialized to up.



  • Hi Aaron,



    Thanks for your answer. Yes you are right, after removing the interfaces from vlan, I was able to create trunks and add the interfaces to it and they all were initialized



    I am still not able to enable LACP mode on those trunks and also I see the mac address on the trunks as 00:00:00:00:00



    I checked the unsupported features in the release notes you sent, I dont see LACP in the list and I am assuming they are supported



    are you aware of this am I missing any steps for enabling LACP





  • A little virtual edition birdie just pointed out to me that VE doesn't support LACP. You can still define trunks, but not with LACP. This is not mentioned in the 10.1.0 VE release notes so I apologize for that. It is mentioned in the 10.2.0 VE release notes:





    Support for Link Aggregation Control Protocol (CR137328)


    The BIG-IP VE system does not support the trunking protocol LACP.




    We've requested to have the 10.1 VE release notes updated with this and a few other CR's. If you have any specific questions on VE limitations, you might open a case with F5 Support as they'll have the most current, accurate info.



  • Hi Aaron,



    Thanks again for the reply and clarifying LACP is not supported.



    My LTM-VE is now up and running. I was able to get the config into it, but unfortunately I cannot pass traffic because of Trunk LACP limitations



    Thanks Again


  • On VMware vSphere hypervisors, one configures trunking on the Hypervisor (vSwitch) side by assigning multiple NICs to a vSwitch, and doling out portgroups accordingly. You should be able to use VE in an LACP environment this way. (Don't configure trunking on VE Trial, configure it on the Hypervisor).