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May 24, 2012

Configuring number of retry

Hi all,



I drive my BigIPs with a management server and iControl (with java). Before each operation on a BigIP cluster, I check the state of the BigIP Master with the System::Failover::get_failover_state method. I consider three cases:



1. If the Master is in Active State, the management server do the operation (objects creation: vIP, pool, node etc.., deletion, consultation or modification) and I synchronize toward the Slave


2. If the Master is in Standby State, I check the state of BigIP Slave: If the Slave is Active, I do the operation and I sycnhronize toward the Master. If the Slave is Standby or unreachable, I return an error.


3. If the Master is unreachable, I do the same as 2., I check the state of the Slave BigIP etc..



For this third case, the iControl API seems to do retry, further trying before returning an error when BigIP Master is unavaiable. It take too long time before considering the BigIP Master is unreachable. We use the setTimeout method to reduce the timeout before the response but I would also reduce or avoid the number of retry. Is it possible to configure that in the iControl API and how can we do it?



Thanks for your help!



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