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Mar 30, 2012

Config Sync

Hi All,



we have problem in config sync. Why ConfigSync between two BigIPs, the configuration of Inbound Wide IP cannot sync with the Active F5?.



Our system are two identical F5 link controller 1600.




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  • Do you see any errors in /var/log/ltm or /var/log/gtm during or after the config sync? If you run 'b load' or 'tmsh load sys config' on the second unit, do you see any errors?



    Also, in general it's a good idea to sync from the active unit to the standby (not the opposite direction) as the configuration is reloaded on the unit you sync to. When you load a config on an active unit it can affect existing traffic.



  • Hi Aaron,



    I did sync from the active to the standby in order to get same configuration for both devices. But only wip config that was not sync and I found the article from this link





    is it true only the wip conf can't do sync or it can do by manual sync ?