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May 09, 2012

Config Sync Issue

Help some help with figuring out why the Active unit will not report "out of sync" once changes are made on the active unit.



The active unit is showing "green" and the standby unit is "gray".




Is there a manual configuration that needs to be changed to get the config status to report?




Running.. v10.2.3












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  • Hi,


    Do you have automatic sync enable?If you try to sync the configuration does it sync or gives some error message...


  • To clarify the issue, the config sync works when you push/pull between the units. The problem is that their no notification at the top left to indicate the configs are out of sync and recommend to sync the units. Has this feature changed in v10.2.3 ?
  • Resolved... somehow I missed the option to enable notify of sync config under HA>ConfigSync.












  • Hi Can you explain a bit more what is something that you missed out.... ?