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Sep 20, 2023

Command to check what ip/ips are hitting a specific url on f5 big ip 16.1.3

Need to know if there is a specific command for that, have a use case where i need to check what ips are hitting a url in the last 24 hours.

Thank You

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  • can you tell you are looking for a tmsh commnand  to inform you the IP hitting a VIP or you want coomand for hitting a DNS FQDN / URL



  • the data is only in the logs.   if you are loging it.     connection table only has current active connections. 

  • Hi kbk4912 , 

    you can do that using Irules or LTM policies : 

    1. add event " when HTTP_REQUEST "
    2. put condition for this " URL ".
    3. Log source Ip address when this url be accessed. 
    4. Schedule a time slot to apply this irule , then wait 24 hours.
    5. remove irule , and check all LTM logs and trancated ones as well. 
    6. use filter to filter the output , also you can copy it to another txt file. 
    7. This is the clue I have , unfortunately I can't write the irule script for you now , but this the idea you can search and I am sure you will be able to write it. 

    If you have problems in implementing it , I will try to do it for u in my free time. 
    so keep me updated 🙂 

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