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Nov 24, 2022

Client get access from only one node


Hello, Client access virtual server via http and can get web page from node: win21 and win22. Based on the below, the connection number increase one by one between both. why most time client get web page from win21? The config ratio between both is also 1:1. Thanks


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  • Hi davidy2001 , 
    Could you please change statistics types from nodes to pools , reset your statistics and expand your pool to see its members under it and try your tests again: 
    such as this : 

    Then , Share with me your results to see 

    • davidy2001 ,

      why do you configure ratio (1 : 1) as a loadbalancing method over a pool has two members , I think you intend to loadbalance in even manner not ratio. 
      I did not perform ratio (1:1) before , I use round robin instead. 
      Try it and let me see. 

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        Mohamed_Ahmed_Kansoh I can see config ratio 1:1 and round robin, I did not config ratio and round robin. they are default config. Strange thinng is once client catch node win21, the client keep win21 for long time even if node win21 is disabled. 

  • The browser will generally create a connection and then send all requests over that connection. This can make statistics a bit skewed towards one member if there's very little traffic. Which load balancing method are you using on the pool? Do you have an HTTP profile assigned on the VIP?

    If you absolutely must have balanced traffic between them and it's an HTTP application I'd pick ie. Load balancing mode Predictive on the pool and then try oneconnect on the server. Please note that oneconnect might make the web server logs look weird if you're not using X-Forwarded-For headers.

    Kind regards,

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      "Which load balancing method are you using on the pool? Do you have an HTTP profile assigned on the VIP?"

      its default config. now VIP(floating ip, my understanding) has not setup yet. I am only using one F5. No HTTP profile setup

      • How are you performing the tests? If you ie. run tests using curl a few times, do you get a different result? Curl does not keep the connection open after making the request. Like I said before, if it''s an HTTP application you can try oneconnect if you absolutely must have even spread between the servers.

        Just remember to set the load balancing method to ie. predictive and assign an HTTP profile to the Virtual server. Persistence profile should be set to None.

        Kind regards,

  • Hey davidy2001  - were you able to get it working after restarting your browsers and trying the fix Patrik_Jonsson  wrote? If yes, please click Accept as Solution so future users facing the same issue can find a quick resolution. 🙂