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Oct 26, 2015

Change Case Senitivity in ASM policy



I have a fairly mature ASM (11.5.3 HF2) policy and decided I'd like to change the case sensitivity. It looks like that can only be set when a policy is created, but I do have an idea and wanted to run it past the collective wisdom to see if it might be feasible.


Can I export the policy and modify the XML? I found an attribute and so I thought I could change the value to "true" and them import it as a new policy. Has anyone tried this, or is there another way that I should consider?


I'm thankful for any input.


Cheers, Mike


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  • I should just try it then. I'm asking b/c I've seen other posts that warn you not to do it.


    Thanks, Mike


    • Hi Nova,

      I know this is an old post, but did you ever tried you idea?

      I'm facing same issue on version and was wondering if it could work.


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        change the false to true. save the xml file again and import. it will change Policy is case sensitive to No