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Jan 26, 2011

Capturing SOAP envelope

I am trying to capture all or part of a SOAP envelope and I am not sure how to reference the fields therein. I want to capture the contents if it contains the web service with the root element in soap body: resetLdapPassword. The attached sample is an envelope I would like to capture because they are using the resetLdapPassword element.





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  • Edit: Nevermind, looks like XML::soap is deprecated. I'll dig something up.
  • This might be the way to go:





    You'll be capturing all the data, but do you simply want to log those envelopes?
  • i only want the envelopes when they contain "resetLdapPassword". just like this one...
















  • my last reply appeared to paste correctly, but i see that it didn't. the envelope i am trying to capture is one as shown in my original attachment to this post.
  • Understood Tom, but how do you want to capture it? Log it to your local traffic manager logs?
  • Jason Rahm was kind enough to send me this.





    If I get time today, I'll try and write something.
  • Chris,



    I neglected to mention i am running 9.4.8. is the article that Jason provided version 10? I don't see the option to create an XML profile in the services section in profile creation.
  • Yep...v10. Would have to upgrade if that was the only option.



    Since you're on 9.x, you can use XML::soap but that goes away in v10 so I can't advise that. Might just have to use tcp::collect or HTTP::collect. You can read about both on the iRules commands page.