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Aug 19, 2021

Cannot Load UCS File from a Different Hardware Platform

Hello DC,


I got an issue of loading a UCS file from F5 i4000 Series to F5 i4600 by using the command "tmsh load sys ucs <filename> no-license platform-migrate". And then it appears some message as below. If you used to face this issue before, please help to advise.


Loading schema version:

01070668:3: WAM must be provisioned when a Virtual Server is using a Web Acceleration profile (/Internal/ with attached applications.

Error: failed to reset strict operations; disconnecting from mcpd. Will reconnect on next command.

Data Input Error: 01070734:3: Configuration error: Current folder /Internal has been removed. Exit session.




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  • Hi Phaneath,


    See this post:


    I think it's more or less the same problem you have.