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Feb 08, 2021

Can the Edge Client be forced to Disconnect after the max session time is reached?

When the apm max session time is reached, the session ends, and a new one is started, prompting the user to enter credentials again.

Is there a way to force the client to go to disconnect?

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  • The Edge Client will attempt to reconnect, prompting the user to enter credentials. Once you click on "Connect" it will do that until you click "Disconnect". What I want to achieve is to go to "Disconnect" without user intervention, right after the session reaches the timeout.

  • Angorya I am having the same issue on my F5 as well. After my maximum session timeout value is hit the client will then attempt to prompt the user to login again. This happens all night long as the inactivity timeout keeps getting hit. This only started happening after upgrading to v15 firmware. I have a ticket open with F5 Support but haven't had any luck with them either.

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      did you hear anything form F5 support in the mean time?