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Sep 20, 2011

Can a user Login only give access to specific Server? (for RDP)

For starters I am EXTREMELY new to the F5 environment.



I have been asked to give a single user vpn access to one specific server so they can RDP into the server and do some various tasks.



This seems like it would be a very simple task, make user, make a very specific access list, add the user to that access list, done...




Am I even close?






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  • Hi Jeff,



    That sounds right on what you need to do on a firewall, but does the connection need to traverse the F5?



    On our setups the remote user terminates the VPN on the firewall, and as one of the interfaces is on the same subnet as the server then they have direct access.



    If the connection had to go through the F5, then I believe an iRule would be needed to direct the remote user to the same server every time.