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Jan 20, 2011

Can´t connect active element

Hi Masters,




I have a long time problem that is driving me crazy.




We have 2 LTM 3400 working in active/standby mode. There are 2 vlans, one for the internal network and the second vlan to the external network.




Well, the problem is that I can´t connect directly to my active element. If I ssh to the active IP I receive a timeout message, I must to connect to the standby element first and start the ssh connection to the active element.




The problem doesn´t affects just the ssh connection, but all kinds of connections that I try to the active element, and the most critical is that I can´t get the SNMP traps from it.




We investigated all the Firewall Rules and logs, but no usefull information was found.




Another issue that make-me believe that the error isn´t in the firewall is that, if a failover occurs the scenario keeps, for example:




The IP of active element is: and the IP of standby element is




In this case, I can access the without problems, OK.




If I try the access on I receive timeout error.




But, if a failover occurs I got the same issue: I will got the access to (now, standby) and won´t be possible access directly the (now, the active element).




The structure of my solution is simple, I don´t have many Irules or Virtual Servers, but I have sure that no one of that is denying this access.




Somebody has faced this before? Please help me!




Thanks in advance and sorry my bad english.








Raphael Arenas


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  • Have you checked your port lockdown configuration? That would be the first place I would look.



  • Yes, I checked. The port lockdown configuration is setup to "Allow All" in both elements.





  • I'd bounce this off of support. I've never seen a message saying I need to connect to a different unit before.