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Feb 14, 2011

Call ID based persistence for SIP sessions




We are using the F5 LTM for load balancing SIP traffic and we would like to use Call Id based persistence to make sure all SIP messages with the same call Id go to the same server. However we noticed that the persisteance is really based on the combination of call-Id+source IP address and not call-ID alone. How do we make it based on call-ID alone?



This is the scenario: there are 2 end-points X and Y that are sending SIP messages to the LTM for the same call-ID. The load balanced backend pool has 2 servers A and B. What I am noticing is that even though the call-ID in the SIP messages is the same some SIP messages go to A and others go to B just because the source was different (X vs Y).




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  • The "Configuring SIP Persistence" section of the doc below seems quite useful:





    Seems like you simply need to create a SIP persistence profile and change the "SIP Info" dropdown to "Call-ID." Or, is that what you're already using? If you're already using that, perhaps using the "To" option to persist on the destination might be proper? Also, I'd suggest raising a support case so F5 knows that the SIP persistence profile isn't working as you'd expect.
  • Sanjay, I am having the same problem. Did you ever find a solution to this? thanks, matt


  • Hi Eric, I created a UPD profile with timeout set to immediate, which then forced the SIP persistence profile with Call_ID selected and set to 5400 seconds.(our max call length)


    Sorry, I'm in the weeds right now, but if you send me details of what you are are doing, I can most likely help you out with this. thanks, matt


  • Hey Matt. I couldn't find your email address in your profile, and I don't think these forums have PM. If you want to drop me a line at eric (dot) paul (at) scratchwireless (dot) com I can describe our env.


    Thanks for the quick reply!!