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Jan 11, 2011

Bluecoat Internet Monitor




Just wondered if someone could help me. We've set up our F5 LTM pair to load balance outbound internet requests via two bluecoat proxies which are located at 2 diifferent data centres. We're using SNAT as the bluecoat proxies don't have a default route via the F5 LTM. All is working fine its just the monitor I would like to optimize.



Currently we are using two monitors for each bluecoat pool member. A icmp ping to check the bluecoat is available and google udp monitor to check the availability of the internet via each data centre. The problem is the google udp monitor isn't sent via the bluecoat box so there could be scenario where the bluecoat responds to ping and the internet monitor is up but for some reason internet access via the bluecoat isn't working. is it possible to force the internet monitor via the bluecoat?



How have other people configured the F5 to load balance outbound internet access?







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